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       The Faculty of Excise Taxation is headed by Additional Excise Taxation Commissioner who is assisted by one Joint Excise Taxation Commissioner and one Deputy Excise Taxation Commissioner.

In the pre-independence days, Revenue Department was regarded as most important department for the purpose of collections of revenue for the State, but after that sales tax, Excise, Entertainment, Passengers & Goods Tax became the major sources of revenue. In the State of Haryana these taxes and duties are collected by the Excise & Taxation Department through administration of following Acts:

1. The Haryana Value Added Tax Act, 2003
2. The Central Sales Tax Act, 1956
3. The Haryana Local Area Development Tax Act, 2000
4. The Pb. Passangers & Goods Taxation Act,1952
5. The Pb. Entertainment Duty Act,1955
6. The Pb. Excise Act,1914

For the purpose of State Revenue, the cadres of Excise & Taxation Officers& Assistant. Excise Taxation Officer occupy an important & critical position in the administrative structure of the State Govt.It is essential that these officers, whose main task is to collect revenue for the State, are fully and properly trained so that they are capable & efficient enough to implement the provisions of Acts administered by the Department and face the challenges competitively & successfully .The training courses have been designed by the Faculty in view of these very objectives.

Since VAT has been introduced in the State of Haryana w.e.f. 1.4.2003 & now every dealer is required to pay the tax to the extent of value addition in his hand i.e. tax is levied at every stage of sale with adjustment of tax paid at the earlier stage of sale/purchase, it becomes all the more important to train the officers accordingly, so that cases of wrong input tax credit, endangering interests of public revenue, are not allowed to occur or timely detected. For this purpose while designing the course on VAT & L.A.D.T.stress is also laid on practical knowledge i.e examination of account books/ Balance Sheet profit & loss account/examination of returns, computation of Input Tax Credit, provisional & regular refunds, Strategy & Planning for conducting inspection/survey of business premises & drafting of assessment & penalty orders etc.Since VAT is a Technical subject senior officers from the Department besides the AETC, JETC & DETC in the faculty of E&T in HIPA are enlisted to provide the knowledge During Group Discussions participant-trainees are invited & encouraged to discuss their problems, modes of evasion detected latest judgments and amendments, so that these get wide circulation and officers are accordingly aware and alert.

Regarding the courses on Excise Act, Entertainment Duty Act and Passengers & Goods Taxation Act the officers & officials are encouraged and trained to collect revenue through pragmatic approach. They are made conversant with latest amendments & judgments along with thorough discussions of Act & Rules . Mostly 1-2 lectures are also delivered by some in house faculty on behavioral science.

As the department is heading towards total computerization it is essential that the officers/officials should gain knowledge about computer applications. To make them computer friendly in most of the courses two sessions are devoted by in house faculty of H.I.P.A for this very purpose. To familiarize the field staff with progress, relevance and importance of computerization and modules developed by the Computer authorities at the headquarter Jt. E.T.C. HIPA visits the District headquarter after having consultations with the authorities at headquarters.

For Taxation Inspectors a three day course (Role of Taxation Inspectors under all Acts) has been specifically designed to make them fully conversant of their duties under various acts administered by the Department. For new recruit officers (whenever there are any), a foundation course is conducted to make them conversant with all the Acts (with rules) administered by the department. This training is so designed that a right mixture of theory & practical is made available to the new officers i.e. they are imparted detailed knowledge on each & every provisions of Acts and Rules by having thread bearing discussions & interactions with every individual officer as well as in groups and they are also imparted practical training by visiting field offices, TCPs, cinema houses, liquor shops and roadside checking. This practical exposure imposes and infuses confidence to tackle any type of situation and makes them fully prepared to face the challenges efficiently and successfully in the field.

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