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Director's Message

Haryana Institute of Public Administration (HIPA) is an apex State Training Institute funded by the Govt. of Haryana. HIPA was established in 1983 with the objective of providing training, research and consultancy to improve efficiency and effectiveness in administration. The Institute endeavors to realize its objectives by enhancing professional knowledge, skills and inculcating attitude necessary for better performance of an individual and also of an organisation.


Surina Rajan
Director General
Haryana Institute of Public Administration, Gurgaon (Haryana) INDIA

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S.No Name of the Officer From To
1 Sh. L.M. Jain, IAS 16.08.1983 05.01.1984
2 Sh. K.K. Sharma, IAS 01.02.1984 22.04.1985
3 Sh. L.M. Jain, IAS 22.04.1985 01.05.1985
4 Sh. K.K. Sharma, IAS 04.05.1985 16.12.1985
5 Sh. L.M. Jain, IAS 17.12.1985 04.03.1986
6 Sh. K.K. Sharma, IAS 04.03.1986 28.01.1987
7 Sh. R.S. Mann,IAS 28.01.1987 29.06.1987
8 Mrs. Asha Sharma, IAS 20.07.1987 13.12.1987
9 Sh. S.K. Sharma, IAS 14.12.1987 09.01.1988
10 Mrs. Asha Sharma, IAS 09.01.1988 27.01.1989
11 Mrs. Meenaxi Anand Choudhary, IAS 02.02.1989 24.02.1989
12 Mrs. Asha Sharma, IAS 25.02.1989 19.06.1989
13 Sh. K.K. Sharma, IAS19.06.198913.12.1989
14 Mrs. Meenaxi Anand Choudhary, IAS13.12.198927.02.1990
15 Ms. Padmini Desikachar, IAS 28.02.199012.06.1990
16 Mrs. Rajni Razdan, IAS13.06.199007.01.1991
17 Sh. J.K. Duggal, IAS07.01.199101.08.1991
18 Dr. Tarsam Lal, IAS 01.08.199111.01.1992
19 Sh. Prem Prashant, IAS16.02.199227.04.1992
20 Mrs. Promilla Issar, IAS27.04.199222.06.1992
21 Sh. Prem Prashant, IAS22.06.199202.04.1997
22Smt. Umesh Nanda, IAS02.04.199702.11.1998
23Sh. Tirlochan Singh,IAS (Retired)02.11.199816.08.1999
24Sh. Bhagwati Parsad, IAS18.08.199912.10.1999
25Dr.G.Prasanna Kumar,IAS12.10.199923.03.2001
26Sh. Shiv Raman Gaur,IAS 30.04.200107.10.2001
27Sh. L.S.M. Salins, IAS08.10.200108.01.2002
28Dr. H.S. Anand, IAS08.01.200214.02.2006
29Dr. G. Prasanna Kumar, IAS06.03.200602.07.2007
30Dr. Avtar Singh, IAS02.07.200729.04.2008
31Sh. Rajiv Sharma, IAS30.04.200826.05.2008
32Dr. Avtar Singh, IAS27.05.200802.11.2008
33Mrs. Rajni Sekhri Sibal,IAS 04.11.200805.03.2010
34Dr. G. Prasanna Kumar, IAS06.03.201023.03.2010
35Mrs. Rajni Sekhri Sibal,IAS23.03.201008.09.2010
36Sh. P.K. Gupta, IAS,09.09.201026.06.2011
37Mrs. Rajni Sekhri Sibal,IAS 27.06.201117.02.2012
38Sh.P.K. Mahapatra, IAS12.04.2012 31.10.2012
39Sh. R.S. Dalal,IPS (Retd)01.11.201230-10-2015
40Sh. S.P.Gupta, IAS(Retd)01.11.201512.12.2016
41Dr. G. Prasanna Kumar, IAS(Retd.)14.12.201602.12.2019
42Surina Rajan, IAS(Retd.)02.12.2019--

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